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Save Maine's Voice — No National Popular Vote!


Senator Eric L. Brakey

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Friend --

I have some bad news.

As I write this, the Maine House of Representatives just passed an initial vote to bind Maine's 4 electoral votes for U.S. President to the so-called "National Popular Vote."

This legislation (LD 1578) would mean that voters in big cities (like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco) would have more say in how Maine's votes are cast for President than Maine people would.

But this fight is far from over — and I have only just begun to fight.

The vote today was 74 to 67.

That means, when this comes back to a final vote in the House, we only need to flip 4 votes to defeat this bill. (I also expect this to come up for an initial vote in the Maine Senate this week.)

That is why I am launching an online petition (and I hope you will sign) to "Save Maine's Voice."

Tell your legislators to "Save Maine's Voice," reject the National Popular Vote and preserve the integrity of the Electoral College.

Will you take a moment right now to sign our petition against the National Popular Vote?

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Courage & Principle

Have you seen the recent letter to the editor published in the Lewiston Sun Journal in support of my candidacy?

Thank you to Dan Ouellette of Poland for sharing why he is supporting our campaign for Maine State Senate.

Dan Ouellette: Brakey offers principled, courageous leadership to Senate

Our government is out of control. No matter who we vote for, most politicians end up supporting special interests over the Maine people — giving us more taxes, more mandates, and more intrusions into our personal lives.

That’s why leaders like Eric Brakey are rare.

Brakey puts principle over party, working with anyone to do right and no one to do wrong. During his four years in the Maine Senate, Brakey was ranked one of the most independent legislators by voting record.

I was impressed when Brakey stood alone against a corporate welfare bill. The vote was 34-1. When both parties wanted to hand our taxpayer money over to big, out-of-state corporations, Brakey was the only senator with courage to stand up and say “no.”

We need principled and courageous leadership. I’m voting for Eric Brakey for Maine Senate for Poland, New Gloucester, Durham and Auburn.

Dan Ouellette, Poland


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The one who knocks


The time to restore liberty is now.

Over the last few months, I have been hard at work laying the plans and gathering the resources needed to win our campaign to Restore Maine this November.

Now, we are beginning the next phase of our effort — knocking on doors.

Can I count on you to contribute $200, $100, $50, or $20.22 to help us Restore Maine?

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Press Release: Hon. Eric Brakey Announces Candidacy for Maine State Senate

Brakey Turns in Signatures; Officially Qualified for Senate District 20 Ballot

Auburn - Hon. Eric Brakey has officially qualified for the Maine State Senate District 20 race. The former State Senator, a resident of Auburn, is seeking to return to the Senate to represent the people of Auburn, Durham, Poland and New Gloucester. 

“I am running for State Senate to restore the freedoms and paychecks of the Maine people,” said Brakey. “Big spending politicians are robbing Mainers with high taxes and inflation, enriching the special interests while destroying our economy. They want to tell everyone how to live, but are out-of-touch with Mainers living outside of Portland. We need real change. I am grateful for the support I’ve received so far in the campaign, and look forward to returning to Augusta to fight for the Maine people.”

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SUBJECT: Let's do this.

Are you ready to restore liberty?

Last week, I submitted 130 signatures from voters in Auburn, New Gloucester, Poland, and Durham to make the ballot for Maine State Senate.

Now that we are officially on the ballot, it’s time to hit the ground running to Restore Maine and Restore America — with a restoration of our freedoms, our paychecks, and our Constitution.

Will you chip in TODAY to help our campaign hit the ground running?

When I last served in the Maine Senate (2014 - 2018), I fought to defend the freedoms and paychecks of the Maine people and many of our victories became models for the whole country.

Defending gun rights, I sponsored and passed Constitutional Carry — making Maine the safest state in America and setting a standard now emulated in 17 additional states, including recently in Texas and Ohio.

In defense of healthcare freedom, I ushered Right To Try through the legislature — nullifying FDA edicts to protect the right of terminally ill patients to try potentially life-saving investigational medications.

Protecting Maine taxpayers, I led the negotiations on Welfare Reform — prohibiting the purchase of alcohol, cigarettes, and lottery tickets with welfare dollars.

Sadly, Democrats took control once I left the Maine Senate and have ruled our state unchecked in the years since — locking Maine people inside, firing them from their jobs, and kicking their kids out of school.

It is no longer enough to defend what we have, so I will fight to restore all we have lost.

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