The one who knocks

The one who knocks


The time to restore liberty is now.

Over the last few months, I have been hard at work laying the plans and gathering the resources needed to win our campaign to Restore Maine this November.

Now, we are beginning the next phase of our effort — knocking on doors.

Can I count on you to contribute $200, $100, $50, or $20.22 to help us Restore Maine?

There is one thing I know to be true in elections like these: politics is personal.

That is why, across my two past winning campaigns for Maine Senate, I took the time to personally meet the voters — knocking over 13,000 doors, listening to the concerns of the people, and discussing liberty-based solutions to address them.

In a few short days, I am beginning my door-to-door efforts once again.

And that is why our campaign volunteers are hard at work to help prepare.

Just the other day, two dozen supporters packed into our living room to assemble the campaign materials we need — including palm cards with "Sorry I Missed You" notes (to hang on the doors of those who aren't home) and yard signs that are going up on the lawns of enthusiastic supporters across the district.

Connecting directly with voters door-to-door is the backbone of this campaign.

These efforts, however, are time intensive.

Every hour I am knocking doors is an hour I cannot work on other necessary campaign tasks — including raising funds.

While door-to-door is essential, we must also reach voters through their mailboxes, radios, and social media.

All of these necessary campaign activities cost money.

And to be frank — with gas prices at all time highs (thanks Joe Biden!) — even driving door-to-door costs more than ever before.

While our fundraising efforts have been successful to date, we are falling behind my Democrat opponent who is funding her campaign with "welfare for politicians" money from the state treasury.

As an advocate for cutting taxes and eliminating wasteful spending, I chose to fund our campaign the hard way: asking for voluntary contributions from those who believe in the message of liberty, instead of robbing the taxpayers.

To date, we have raised over $35,000 to fund our campaign!

Thank you to all who have donated your hard-earned money to support our efforts.

To be on track to win, we must raise at least $50,000 by the June 14 Primary Election.

That is only 28 days away!

If we do not reach this goal, we will be at a serious disadvantage against my taxpayer-funded opponent.

I may even have to make major cuts to our direct mail program (which is the 2nd most effective way to contact voters, after door-to-door). 

We are 70% of the way to our goal, but I need your help to get the rest of the way there.

Will you contribute $250, $100, $50 — or even $20.22 — to help us reach our goal by June 14?

When we officially launched this campaign six weeks ago at Rolly's Diner (with a packed house of supporters, including Governor Paul LePage), I knew we were in for a fight.

The last thing Augusta Democrats want is me back in the Maine Senate.

During my four years of service, I led the charge to pass Constitutional Carry, reform welfare, and restore our healthcare freedoms.

They know that my leadership in the state senate would threaten the tyrannical mandates they've imposed on the Maine people over the last four years.

And while I have successfully won this district twice (by large margins) in the past, the Auburn senate seat is always a major battleground in Maine.

Since I left in 2018, the district has been held by a Democrat.

Even more, the outcome in this district has predicted whether Republicans or Democrats control the senate majority in every election for the last 14 years,.

Winning never happens by accident.

While I have won in the past, this is no guarantee of victory in the future.

Unless we raise the funds to send mail, run radio commercials, and advertise on social media, we will be sitting ducks for my taxpayer-financed opponent and the special interest-financed Democrat Party machine behind her.

Can I count on you to make your most generous contribution to help us restore the freedoms and paychecks of the Maine people?

You make this possible. Thank you for all your support.

Restore Maine,
Eric Brakey
Candidate for Maine Senate
Auburn, New Gloucester, Poland, & Durham


P.S. This week, I am beginning my door-to-door efforts — traveling across local communities to meet voters at their homes and earn their support.

As I head out into the neighborhoods of this district, however, we are falling behind in our fundraising efforts.

While my opponent is taking taxpayer money from the state treasury to finance her campaign, I am relying on voluntary contributions from those who believe in liberty and constitutional government.

To be on track to win, we must raise $50,000 by June 14 — and we are 70% of the way there.

Can I count on you to make your most generous contribution TODAY of $200, $100, $50 — or ever $20.22 — to help us Restore Maine?

Thank you for all your support.