Wishing my Dad a Happy Birthday

Dear Friend --

I want to take a moment to tell you about my father, Mike Brakey, who is celebrating his 61st Birthday today.

My father was raised in New Gloucester, Maine, in an impoverished household with a single mother, an absent father, and 7 children. 

As he tells the story, he was fortunate to have met my mother, Lucinda Peaco, at New Gloucester Memorial Elementary in the 2nd Grade. At 7 years old he was already in love. It wasn't until he became a high school basketball player, however, that he was able to win her over.

With the help of my academically-driven mother, my father was the first in his family to graduate high school and attend college. The two of them then married the summer between their junior and senior years.

Graduating from University of Maine at Orono with a degree in Engineering Physics, he went on to hold several patents in his field and start his own successful business, Brakey Energy, which works with industrial clients on ways to cut energy costs and improve energy efficiency.

(Later this year, he is to be recognized with a life-time achievement award from the University of Maine at Orono.)

Raising 4 boys alongside my mother, my father always taught us that an education was a powerful thing. In the Brakey House, there was never any question among us kids that our job was to succeed in school. With the great parenting of my mother and father, all 4 of us went on to graduate college and pursue our own life passions. 

In his 60th year, my father became a grandfather to Josiah Brakey (pictured below), the son of my brother Sean Brakey and his wife Vanessa Brakey. In his 61st year, who knows what else is yet to come?

My father's story is a true Maine success story, and an example of what every Maine child can achieve if they have the right encouragement and motivation in their life.

In my campaign for Maine State Senate, I look to my father's example to see the best of what Maine can accomplish when we set our mind to it.

I hope you will join me in wishing a "Happy Birthday" to my father.

For all the years he helped me grow into the person I am today, I just want to say, "Thank you, and Happy Birthday Dad!"

Eric Brakey
Candidate for Maine Senate
Auburn, New Gloucester, Poland, Minot, Mechanic Falls

P.S. I am very grateful for my father's support and dedication to helping our campaign for Maine State Senate. He asked me to tell you that there is one thing he would appreciate for his birthday: Will you contribute $20, $10, or even $5 to support our campaign to "Restore Maine's Future?"

If you are able, please CLICK HERE to contribute now.

Thank you for all your support!