The Attacks Begin

I have great news, and terrible news.

The great news is that we have made them panic.

The big government special interests know that I am a serious contender. In the last two weeks, the Maine Democrat Party has spent over $22,000 on mailers attacking me and promoting my opponent.

Its time we return fire.

Long-time political analysts say it is unprecedented for an incumbent who has been in office for 40 years to attack his lesser-known challenger, paying to give him free name recognition.

Yet that is exactly what the Maine Democrat Party has done.

As great as it is that our work (and the over 5,000 doors I have knocked on) have them running scared, it is also terrible news because the Portland Democrat Machine is targeting me.

They have dumped over $22,000 against me into this race; practically matching my opponent's entire taxpayer-funded budget... and they have only just begun!

With one fell swoop, the same party who exploits our tax dollars with "clean" elections, barges in with money from the owner of the Portland Press Herald, Donald Sussman, and is trying to rescue my opponent and buy this election.

That's fine though, because I have a secret weapon: You---my friends and the people whobelieve in me.

We have always known that success would bring attacks from those who feed off our tax dollars. We haven't been afraid before, and I am not afraid now. This is our call to action.

I need your help today.

The Portland puppet masters of the Maine Democrat Party have swung at me.

I'm not running to represent the special interests. It would be nice to have a PAC willing to dump $20,000 into my campaign, but the truth is I don't. I have something better: you---my friends.

My goal had been to raise $50,000 for this campaign, but now---with my opponent's combination of your tax dollars and the Maine Democrat Party's "Sussman Slush Fund"---my opponent has already matched that.

We need to get to $60,000, so we can get our message out and continue on our path to victory.

We have arrived. Our hard work has put us clearly on the Democrat Party's target list. They are running scared, and trying to intimidate me.

I will stand tall, continue knocking on doors and meeting the people I seek to represent. I will not allow this to distract me because I know that I can count on my friends.

Please CLICK on this link to provide me with the resources I need to respond.

No, seriously. Stop reading this letter right now and CLICK this link to give whatever amount you can today, and let me know you still on our team.

Thank You!
Eric Brakey
Candidate for Maine Senate
Auburn, New Gloucester, Poland, Minot and Mechanic Falls

PS - If you are still reading, thank you for making your contribution and coming back to finish the letter.