Sen. Brakey Applauds Nomination of Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

Auburn, ME -- Today, State Senator Eric Brakey announces his support for President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, commending the President for selecting a jurist with an impeccable record of upholding constitutional civil liberties, regardless of partisan politics.

"Neil Gorsuch's record proves his unwavering commitment to our Constitution; as such, he is an excellent pick to fill the vacancy left by the late Justice Antonin Scalia. I am strongly convinced --- by his legal opinions defending the 4th Amendment and critiquing the over-criminalization in our criminal justice system --- Judge Gorsuch understands that our Constitution exists to protect the rights and freedoms of the little guy, not the convenience and agendas of big government.

"I urge Senator Angus King to put the American people ahead of his partisan obligations to the Senate Democrat Caucus by supporting a swift vote to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch, allowing him to begin his important work as our next U.S. Supreme Court Justice."

Eric Brakey is the State Senator for District 20 in the Maine Senate, which includes his residence of Auburn as well as New Gloucester, Poland, Minot, and Mechanic Falls. He serves as the Senate Chairman for the Health and Human Services Committee. He was first elected to the Maine Senate in 2014 and won re-election in 2016.