Sen. Brakey's "Right To Try" Bill Signed by Governor

Augusta – Senator Eric Brakey (R-Androscoggin) today applauded Governor LePage for signing legislation to allow terminally ill patients in Maine the option of using treatments that have not yet been approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. 

“I am grateful Governor LePage signed right-to-try into law today, following its bipartisan passage in the Senate and House,” said Senator Brakey. “When someone is terminally ill, they are likely out of traditional options or close to it. With right-to-try as the law of the land patients have the ability to work with their doctors to determine if there is a treatment option available that may fit their needs. At that far stage of an illness, patients, doctors, and families should be making decisions – not the government.”  

LD 180, “An Act To Allow Terminally Ill Patients To Choose To Use Experimental Treatments,” was sponsored by Representative Thomas Longstaff (D-Waterville). Senator Brakey was the lead co-sponsor on the bill, having submitted the same legislation, and as chair of the Health and Human Services committee was heavily involved in shepherding the measure through the legislative process.

The law will go into effect ninety days after the Legislature officially adjourns for the year.