Throwback Thursday: 1992 - Peaco Runs for Maine House


I was doing some research though old family history, and I found this article about my grandfather's 1992 campaign for Maine House of Representatives in New Gloucester.

Today, I wanted to share it with you.


Carroll, Peaco battle for District 44 seat

Jason Wolfe
Portland Press Herald
October 17, 1992

Neal G. Peaco said the state's budget mess is reason enough for voters in Gray and New Gloucester to oust Donnell P. Carroll.

"I think it's time for a change," Peaco said.

But Carroll said lingering concern over the budget is the most compelling reason to send him back to Augusta.

"Now more than ever is a time for experience," the five-term legislator said. "Change for the sake of change doesn't get the job done."

Carroll, a Democrat, and Peaco, a Republican, are battling for a House seat in District 44.

PEACO, 63, once active in local politics, has not held an elected position for 20 years. Now he's retired and ready to make a return.

"I have the time and there seemed no one else willing to give the time, so here I am," said Peaco, a vocal critic of Carroll.

Peaco, who is campaigning door to door, said he has a chance for an upset if he can convince all the district's Republicans to get out to vote --- and to vote for him.

He is running as a fiscally conservative, "change" candidate in favor of traditional values, the outdoors and smaller government.

"I'm just an average citizen. I represent the blue-collar common working man," said the retired sheet metal worker.

Peaco said he would solve the state's budget woes by streamlining government and cutting spending.

Peaco supports term limits, "I think it ought to be a citizen legislature," he said. "My opponent has been there 10 years and it looks like he going to be a lifetime politician."

[Article abbreviated for length.]


Like my grandfather, I am running against a 5-term incumbent career politician.

We will win on Election Day this November, and I need your help.

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Eric Brakey
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