Senator Eric Brakey Applauds Steps Toward Funding for New Edward Little High School

AUBURN - State Senator Eric Brakey (R-Androscoggin) is pleased to report that the Maine Department of Education is expected to recommend that construction of a new Edward Little High School be added to the “approved” list of school construction projects. This approval is the first in a series of steps that will qualify the project for state funds.

“This has really been a team effort,” said Senator Eric Brakey of Auburn. “Working with Mayor Jonathan LaBonte, Superintendent Katy Grondin, and other members of Auburn's legislative delegation, we've made the case for state support to construct a new Edward Little High School.  I am very excited to see that goal is today taking the first steps to become a reality. I am confident that this project will set an example by bringing regional resources together and creating new opportunities for our students.”

Earlier this year, Senator Eric Brakey sponsored legislation to ensure that, in the event of a new statewide assessment for school construction funding, approval for a new Edward Little High School would remain secure. “It has been a long time since the last assessment, and a new assessment may be timely, but the needs of Auburn students have not diminished. Now is the time for a new high school in Auburn,” said Senator Brakey.

“While our legislation did not reach final approval, it did help us start a conversation on how important a new Edward Little High School is for the people of Auburn,” said Senator Brakey. “I am extremely pleased to see the culmination of our efforts in the Department of Education’s upcoming recommendation. I urge the State Board of Education to approve the Department’s recommendation.”

The Department of Education will make its recommendation to the State Board of Education at their next meeting on September 14th.  If the Board approves the recommendation, planning for the building of a new Auburn high school can begin.  It may still be several years before ground is broken on a new construction site, but approval to begin planning is an important first step in the process to receive state support for new school construction.