A Proud Mother

Lucinda Peaco Brakey

Dear Friend --

As Mother’s Day approaches I couldn’t be more proud of my son, Eric.

When our children are born, we all believe they are going to change the world.

With his work in the Maine Senate, my son Eric is doing exactly that.

Now, Eric is preparing for his re-election campaign, and I would like to ask for your help.

Eric’s campaign has already raised nearly $18,000, but we are only just over halfway to our goal.

Please send a contribution today---$100, $50 or $25---to help my son, Eric, and the people of Maine

Eric is working hard every day to prepare for this re-election effort.

Both my husband and I have given the maximum $750 donation to help our son win re-election and continue serving the people of Maine.

Eric is serving Maine with honor, common sense and compassion.

But Eric needs your help to win. We MUST reach our total goal of $30,000 by June to be successful.

There is an important filing deadline approaching near the end of May and the more funds Eric has raised, the more momentum we will have going into the summer.

I ask you to please, take a moment today and send what you can to help Eric move toward victory.

Lucinda P. Brakey

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to your mother, to you, or to your children’s mother. And please take a moment to help Eric who has made his mother so proud.