Is our liberty safe?

Dear Friend,

“No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” - Mark Twain

I am pleased to report that the Maine people are safe! ... (at least for six months.)
What a mess! I knew things were bad in Augusta, but even I couldn't predict how bad they were.

The latest budget grew government spending by hundreds of millions, while continuing to neglect Maine's most vulnerable citizens: our elderly and intellectually disabled.

Its shameful that we have seniors losing their beds in nursing homes and adults with autism stuck on waiting lists, while Portland non-profits charge Maine taxpayers $900 a month to allow an individual to sleep on a cot. They claim to be the voice of the poor... while paying their executives six-figure salaries with our tax dollars.

If you agree these are the wrong priorities, I hope you will stand with me as I get ready to launch our campaign for re-election.

You have been there for me before, and I hope you are proud of the work I did on your behalf.   

Can I count on you to invest $100, $50 or $20.16 to help me continue my work on your behalf?
  1. Yes, Eric!  I am clicking the link here right now to invest $100, $50 or $20.16 in your campaign.

  2. No, Eric.  I am not yet ready to donate, so I will keep reading this email and donate when I get further.

  3. No, Eric.  Portland progressives like Senator Justin Alfond are my hero, and I wish we had more politicians like him who vote for higher taxes... because taking away the freedoms of Mainers costs money.

While Augusta is an overall disaster, I am proud that we did have some important successes this past session.

As Chairman for the Health and Human Services Committee, I fought for real welfare reform. While big government liberals blocked almost every welfare reform proposal, my legislation to require welfare cheats to make repayment on stolen and defrauded funds passed with overwhelming support in both the House and the Senate.

As the sponsor for Constitutional Carry, we passed this historic 2nd Amendment legislation in the House and Senate with nearly 100 co-sponsors. Maine now joins Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming and Kansas as one of the few states who truly upholds the meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

There is much more we can accomplish to Restore Maine's Future, and I am going to need your help to do it.

I was happy to vote "No" on a bad budget, but I hope to someday have the opportunity to vote "Yes" on a good budget---one that cuts spending, eases the tax burden, reduces regulation, shrinks government and Restores Maine's Future.

That is my vision. We have only just begun, and we won't get there without a lot more work. Will you help us get there?

Will you invest $100, $50 or $20.16 to help me continue to make a difference?

The truth is, I am going to be a huge target for big government progressives this election who want to get rid of me once and for all.

I continually stand up for my principles of freedom and limited government (and I have the voting record to prove it). Of course, that doesn't make the big government politicians happy one bit.

They know that my senate district is one of Maine's biggest swing districts---which has gone Democrat in every Presidential election for the last decade---and they will not spare any expense to see me and my limited government principles thrown out of Augusta.

In 2014, you and I worked incredibly hard to pull of what the media called the biggest electoral surprise in the State of Maine---we defeated an 40-year incumbent by a 20 point landslide. That was only possible with your help and support.

And I am going to need that help and support again to fight the big government machine this election and stand against their efforts to kick limited government ideas out of Augusta.

Will you invest $100, $50 or $20.16 to help me continue fighting back against the big government machine?

Thank you for all your support and all you do.


Senator Eric Brakey
Maine Senate District 20
Auburn, New Gloucester, Poland, Minot, Mechanic Falls

P.S.  You know you can count on me and I hope I can count on you.

Will you to chip in $100, $50 or $20.16 to help me fight the big government machine and continue my work to turn Augusta around?