Civil Liberties

The 4th Amendment of the US Constitution was written to protect the freedom of all citizens from unreasonable search and seizure. In this digital era of smartphones and drone technology, it is all the more important that we pass legislation to reassert the importance of Mainers' right to privacy.

That is why Eric Brakey worked hard as a concerned citizen in the 126th Maine Legislature to pass (even successfully overturning a Governor's veto) several important bills that will protect the private cellphone data of Maine's people from overzealous government snooping without a warrant.

It is also why Eric Brakey will work hard as your Senator in the 127th Maine Legislature to pass a bill to protect Maine's people from government use of unmanned, surveillance drones without a warrant.

Civil liberties are for everyone. As digital technology advances, we must elect representatives who value a citizen's right to privacy from unwarranted government snooping.