Brakey Shatters Maine Fundraising Records... Again

Thursday, June 12, 2014

AUBURN - Eric Brakey, Republican candidate for Maine Senate District 20 (Auburn, New Gloucester, Poland, Minot and Mechanic Falls), has announced that his campaign has broken state fundraising records by raising more primary campaign funds than any other Maine legislative campaign on record.

Since announcing his campaign last year, Brakey has raised over $31,000 in primary contributions. This breaks the state record, previously held by Senator James Boyle (D-Gorham), who raised $25,735.00 during the 2012 Primary according to the Maine Ethics Commission website.

"Our record-breaking fundraising is a direct result of the incredible grassroots support for our campaign," says Brakey. “Maine people know the career politicians made this mess, and they are ready for bold, new leadership to clean it up.”

This is the second time that Brakey---who recently received high-profile endorsements from US Senator Rand Paul and former US Congressman Ron Paul---has broken state fundraising records. Last January, he announced that he had raised more funds in a pre-election year than any previous Maine Senate candidate on record.

Brakey won his primary on Tuesday with no opponent, so most of his primary funds will be carried over into the General Election, where he is challenging incumbent Democrat John Cleveland this November.

Eric Brakey of Auburn has five generations of family roots in New Gloucester. He works for Brakey Energy, a family-run business that works with companies to reduce their energy costs and become energy efficient.