Senator Eric Brakey Receives Record Number of Votes in Senate District 20 Seat

AUBURN - State Senator Eric Brakey (R-Androscoggin), who was recently elected to serve his second term in Maine Senate District 20, received a record 13,045 votes in his district. Senator Brakey won his bid for re-election in a 24 point landslide with 62% of the vote, increasing his 2014 margin of victory by 3%.

It is uncommon for a Republican candidate not only to garner such a large share of votes but also to win this district in a presidential election year. In the past two presidential election years (2008 and 2012), the incumbent republican senator was defeated. Senator Brakey is the first Republican to win this district with more than 60% of the vote since Peter Whitmore in 1988 and Olympia Snowe in 1976.

Senator Eric Brakey was also the top vote-getter of all items on the ballot in his district this year. He won the City of Auburn with 58% of the vote, which was also won by Democrat congressional candidate Emily Cain with 51% of the vote. Overall, Senator Brakey polled 9 points ahead of all State House and congressional Republican candidates, suggesting strong crossover support from Democrat voters in the district.

“Our victory would have never been possible without the support of each person who supported our campaign for ‘Maine People, not Politics’,” Senator Brakey said. “Thank you to the people of Auburn, New Gloucester, Poland, Minot and Mechanic Falls for putting your renewed faith in me to continue serving as your State Senator in Augusta.”