Brakey Leads Maine Republicans to Ask Senator Collins to Vote "No" on War with Syria

AUBURN, ME - On Monday, Maine State Senate Candidate Eric Brakey drafted and submitted a letter to the office of U.S. SenatorSusan Collins on behalf of Maine Republican across the state, asking her to vote against committing the United States to war in Syria. (The full letter may be viewed here.)

The letter was co-signed by 108 Maine Republicans, including House Republican Assistant Leader Alex Willette, State Senator Garrett Mason, and 24 other current and former members of the Maine Legislature. Also included as co-signers are 48 members of the Maine Republican State Committee, representing a 2/3 majority of that body.

Brakey and the letter's co-signers argue that military intervention will fail to improve the humanitarian situation Syria, while weakening American security by empowering Al-Qaeda. They also add, "With a lack of international support, the costs of war would be borne almost exclusively by our American troops and our American taxpayers."

Brakey writes in the letter, "A merely symbolic show of force, which could have unforeseen consequences that ripple across the region and the world, is not the answer."

Eric Brakey is a candidate for Maine State Senate in the towns of Auburn, New Gloucester, Poland, Minot, and Mechanic Falls.