2nd Amendment

It is commonly said that, "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away." This is especially true in the more rural areas of Maine, where emergency response time can take even longer. That is why it is crucial that we uphold our 2nd Amendment right for private citizens to keep and bear arms, so that Maine people can defend themselves.

Stop the Gun Grabbers

As a concerned citizen in the 126th Maine Legislature, Eric Brakey tirelessly worked to defeat the parade of anti-2nd Amendment bills that came forward. 

Through hours of public testimony and through effective work organizing grassroots 2nd Amendment supporters across the state, these efforts were incredibly successful. Not a single anti-2nd Amendment bill managed to pass into law in the 126th Legislature.

Constitutional Carry

Eric Brakey also helped lead the effort to pass a Constitutional Carry law for the State of Maine, which would remove the requirement that law-abiding citizens must apply for a concealed carry permit in order to legally carry a concealed handgun in the State of Maine.

While the bill fell one vote short of passage in the House of Representatives, as your next State Senator, Eric Brakey will ensure that Constitutional Carry is brought forward again in the 127th Legislature. 

Constitutional Carry is already the law of the land in several states, including Vermont, Alaska, Wyoming, Arizona, Arkansas, as well as parts of Idaho and Montana.

Despite the Maine Constitution’s provision that our “right to bear arms shall never be questioned,” existing Maine law requires law-abiding citizens to jump through numerous legal hoops in order to lawfully carry a concealed handgun. Currently, a Maine citizen cannot legally carry a concealed weapon until he or she:

  • Schedules a class with a government-sanctioned trainer and pays the class fee, generally $75 to $125;
  • Gets fingerprinted and passes a background check;
  • Fills out an application with over 30 questions; 
  • Pays several fees to the government and waits up to 150 days for the issuing authority to issue a Concealed Weapon Permit.

Not only does this process take a great deal of time, but it is also very intrusive into the lives of law-abiding citizens who are merely seeking to exercise one of their constitutional rights. Constitutional Carry would bring our laws in line with the Constitution, allowing law-abiding citizens to legally carry a concealed handgun within state borders without the need for a permit.

It is important to note, however, that this legislation would leave the concealed carry permitting process in place. For those who would like to obtain a permit for interstate reciprocity or any other reason, that option will still be available to them. Additionally, once Constitutional Carry is the law in Maine, lawmakers would then be free to strengthen the standards for concealed carry permits to increase reciprocity with other states, without infringing on rights of Maine citizens to carry concealed within our own borders.